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Impact and Academy Theatres present The ReRooting

Academy Theatre and Impact Theatre Atlanta will be finishing their 2018/19 season with The ReRooting by Betty Chaney, directed by Brenda Porter. This play is the conclusion to the trilogy including The Rooting Place, presented in 2016, and The Uprooting, presented in 2017.

The Story

The story begins as a storm of epic proportions erupts for Jeffrey Lee. Unknown to the rest of the family, he needs to flee the farm Oba’s great, great grandmother Mama Ida had willed to him. Before he can leave, however, a mysterious young woman and her son arrive. Is it by chance that they have come here to visit? And is it by chance that her son turns up missing during a tornado watch a few days later?

“I am delighted to bring the final work of Betty Chaney’s saga to the stage.” says Brenda Porter, Founder and Artistic Director of Impact Theatre Atlanta. “Audiences have fallen in love with the Townsend family over the last few years, and I look forward to presenting the closing chapter in this story.”

The Cast

Greta Glenn, who stars as Effie Raye, says, “I’m so happy to be back at the Academy Theatre and working with Brenda Porter.” Greta starred in both The Rooting Place and its sequel, The Uprooting. Also returning to the Academy stage is John Doyle, who played Jeffrey Lee in The Uprooting. John also performed in Academy’s recent festival of short plays, Tapas IV: The Great Divide.

  • Greta Glenn
  • John Doyle
  • Brenda Porter

In addition to Greta Glenn and John Doyle, the show also features Marvin Vance, Caitlin Roe, Brittany Nicole Timmons, and Alfred Lewis III.

Due to adult language and content, this show is not suitable for young audiences.


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