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Human Service Outreach

The Academy’s Human Service Program is community outreach at its most immediate and rewarding.  Our one-of-a-kind program brings the experience of creating and performing to underserved groups.  Senior citizens, the mental and physically challenged, people without homes, people with substance use disorders, and others outside the social mainstream—all blossom under the guidance of our actor-teachers. Through special interactive exercises and play-development workshops, these groups create and perform productions which open new doors not only to their own self-knowledge, but to our understanding as well.

Academy Theatre Human Service Projects

Many projects listed below were facilitated by Frank Wittow and /or Barbara Lebow

  1. The Devereux Georgia Treatment Network, The Bridge and Inner Harbour Hospital, psychiatric residential treatment facilities – A play-development programs at each hospital with adolescents receiving treatment. (plays developed – if you only knew (at the Bridge), Listen What Do You Hear (at Devereux) and The Boundary Players (at Inner Harbour)  1999-2000 season.
  2. Hillside Hospital, a psychiatric residential adolescent treatment facility – A play development program with adolescents receiving treatment at Hillside and the Academy Theatre’s Actors’ Ensemble.(plays developed Histories and Histories II)  1996-97.
  3. The Ira Aldridge Program for Youth at Inman Middle School – A play development program with an African -American curriculum integrated into the Atlanta Public Schools exploratory middle school curriculum.  (plays developed Luckie Street, Tune Into Reality, Home for the Holidays and On The Block). 1993 school year – 1996 school year.
  4. Cross Keys High School – A play development program with culturally and racially diverse students attending Cross Keys High School.(play developed The Censor )  1991-92 school year.
  5. Atlanta Chamber of Commerce’s adopted school Price Middle School – A play development program with students from Price Middle School. (play developed Pressure).  1991-92 school year.
  6. Task Force for the Homeless and Option Unlimited – I Want To Be, a play created and performed by developmentally disabled adults.  January 1991
  7. Alternate Life Paths, a Fulton County social service agency – A drama workshop program serving young people referred to Alternate Life Paths by Georgia’s juvenile court system. 1991
  8. St. Joseph Hospital’s Mercy Care Mobil Team – HIV prevention workshops in schools, prisons, and homeless shelters. 1991
  9. Project C.L.E.A.N, A City of Atlanta Project – Choices, four plays developed and performed by students from Washington High School and Kennedy Middle School and Herndon and Eagan Housing Communities.  November 1990- July 1991.
  10. Georgia Department of Corrections, Metro Correctional  Institute – Inside, a play created and performed by inmates from Metro Correctional Institute.  The play received 1st prize in the state prison drama contest.  January – April 1989.
  11. U.S. District Court, Northern Division of Georgia, Probation Division – On The Edge, A drug education program created and performed by people on parole for drug related offenses. 1988-89
  12. Task Force for the Homeless  People of the Brick, created and performed by people without homes.  1986-87
  13. Georgia Woman’s Correctional Institution – Windows, a play created and performed with inmates from the Georgia’s Woman’s Correctional Institution in Hardwick, Georgia.  1984-85
  14. Martin Luther King Center for Nonviolent Social Change – The Trashcan Kid, a play created with diverse Atlanta citizens at the King Center,  1983-85
  15. Camp Sunshine – Special performance project with Camp Sunshine patients (children with cancer) at Emory University Hospital.  1984
  16. Youth Development Centers in Macon Georgia – Play creation projects with juvenile offenders at YDC’s.  1981
  17. Georgia Gerontology Society – Yesterday’s Children, created and performed by senior citizens. 1980
  18. Workshops for staff at drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs as well as staff of varied social service agencies throughout the Southeast.  1970-Present
  19. Project Radius – interdisciplinary projects for Georgia teachers.  1970-71