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Academy Theatre Resident Companies

Aris Theatre

Aris Theatre was founded to bring the theatrical and literary traditions, mythology, and storytelling from and about Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England to Atlanta.  Aris presents full productions and staged readings of contemporary and classical plays.  They celebrate annual events such as Burns Night and Bloomsday.  They participate in other events that feature the literature, poetry, and music of the Celtic World.  Aris is committed to breathing fresh life into timeless classics as well as introducing our audience to the work of new and emerging contemporary playwrights.  To find out more about us, please go to

Atlanta Radio Theatre Company

The Atlanta Radio Theatre Company was founded in 1984 by radio personality William L. Brown and actor/director Patrick Stansbury.  ARTC is a non-profit educational corporation, dedicated to the production and distribution of quality audio drama.  Since our founding, ARTC has expanded substantially. As one of the few audio drama companies in the world to perform live regularly, we do between 6-8 shows per year primarily at speculative fiction conventions. We also publish a podcast, the Centauri Express Audio Magazine and release between 2-3 studio productions per year recorded at our own facility, ARTC Studio. Over the years we have been privileged to work with a number of extremely talented vocal performers, musicians, and writers and have access to a wide variety of voices and other talents.

Giwayen Mata

Giwayen Mata is the award winning, dynamic, soul stirring, all sistah, dance, percussion, and vocal ensemble. In the Hausa language from Nigeria, our name means “elephant women” and is a term given to the leaders of women’s organizations there. Like elephants we are a multi-generational herd. We nurture one another, lead one another, and maintain our culture with dignity and grace. 

Grounded by movements, rhythms, and songs of the African Diaspora, we present performance works that reflect, celebrate, and unlock the hidden treasures of Black womanhood.  With our feet touching the sacred grounds of our Indigenous American ancestors and the birth lands of our foremothers and forefathers of African descent, we stand tall showing honor and respect for the beautiful tapestry of life that adorns who we are as powerful daughters of the world.

Impact Theatre Atlanta

Impact Theatre Atlanta presents thought provoking theatre that gives voice to women and others who have been marginalized by our society and challenges our diverse audiences to strive toward a better understanding of each other. We provide educational and enriching programs that help broaden the minds of our community.

Lynna Schmidt Productions

As an exceptional and unique actor, Lynna founded her theatre company to produce thrilling performances that touch and inspire everyone involved.  In her choice of plays, she uses theatre to articulate messages that inspire hope and understanding while also creating compassion, empathy and humor.  She believes the arts are where you can go to feel welcome and accepted. Her goal as you leave the theatre is that you feel loved.

Atlanta Dramatists

Atlanta Dramatists was founded in 2023 as a writing development organization for playwrights, screenwriters, and other creative writers. They are dedicated to fostering a vibrant community of artists and audiences in Atlanta and beyond. Their mission is to cultivate a dynamic environment for new play development, where creativity flourishes, important questions are asked, and diverse voices are celebrated. They are committed to providing a safe and inclusive space, free from harassment and bullying, where all individuals can express themselves freely and collaborate without fear. Through their work, they strive to uplift marginalized and multi-generational voices and to promote meaningful dialogue that reflects the rich tapestry of our society. Together, they aspire to make a positive impact on our community and beyond through the transformative power of theatre.

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