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Intern Opportunities

Academy Theatre Internship FAQ

Greetings! Thanks so much for your interest in Academy Internships.  

Answers to a few questions:

  • General hours for production internships are 4 to 11.  Administrative 11 to 4.  On show days, you’ll start a little later.  6:30 ish.
  • Internships have three major components:  Your specific work (be it admin or production), training to do that, and then focusing on what you want to learn about as individuals and getting you connected.
  • There is not a specific stipend for the internship, however, when you are working on a specific project or filling a position where you have a title, we’ll compensate you for that.  To whit:  If you work box office, we’ll pay you.  Stage Manage a show?  We’ll take care of you.  Compile a list of outreach deacons to the 500 largest churches?  We’ll pay you something.
  • Is there grunt work?  Yes.  All of us do it.  From Artistic Director to our Concessions Manager, we all vacuum, mop, make photocopies, clean out gutters, etc.  You will too.
  • Can I work somewhere else too?  Yes.  We try to take care of folks, but few of you will make enough to live on with us.  People have to eat, pay rent etc.  People also have to seize rare opportunities, so if Kevin Bacon needs you on set in two weeks and has called you personally?  Take it.
  • What will I need?  Everyday you’ll need to check your messages, e-mail, have a clipboard, pen & pad, and business cards. 
  • How old must I be? Intern candidates must be 18 years of age.
  • Will I get the chance to write/act/direct?  Perhaps.  Most interns do but not all.  There are often intern projects through the term.  We’ll also be working on outreach theater projects.
  • How many people do you think you’ll take?  3 to 5 folks.

Most important is this:  The people who succeed with us, bite down on the opportunity and ask ‘What can I do next?  Where is the next adventure?’  You’re going to be part of one of Atlanta’s longest theatrical traditions.  From Brenda Porter to Rachel Wansker, from Chris Kayser to Samuel Jackson, people have learned their theater basic through working as an intern for the Academy.  They all wanted to be here, work hard, and help us create entertainment and outreach that made people think and feel.  

Thanks again for your interest and we’ll be in touch soon.

Email your resume to to be considered.

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