Our Vision

The following beliefs and values have shaped the artistic vision of the Academy since its founding in 1956.  They are still the core foundation for which all Academy stakeholders get up each day and inspire to fulfill.

The Academy ensures high artistic quality when choosing/planning programs through its partners, programming committee structure, its highly qualified staff and through contracting with experts in the field.  Artists involved in the artistic decisions include: Robert Drake, Academy Theatre Artistic Director.  Robert has over 27 years of theatrical experience. Brenda Porter, IMPACT Theatre Atlanta Founder and Artistic Director. Brenda has a degree in Drama from the University of Georgia and began her career as an actor over 30 years ago.  Lynna Schmidt, Academy Theatre Director of Children’s Theatre – Lynna is a professional actor & director. Lynna received her BA in Theater and Broadcasting from the University of Minnesota and a Masters in Theater from the University of Alabama.  Lynna has extensive regional and national experience in all types of artistic endeavors. Lakisha Smith, Artistic Associate. Lakisha is an accomplished actress, educator, administrator, and event planner. 

Cast Members: We cast local performers, interns, local school children, and experienced Academy veterans to create an Academy Theatre family in the long tradition of Academy Ensemble casting. This lets our team mentor younger actors and local performers, matching them with experienced veterans who guide their way.  The show casts will be diverse and represent the community.  This is one of the major reasons that the Academy’s work is distinct in our field.